When do we need to send our invitations?

Traditionally invitations are sent out 8 weeks prior to the wedding but it is more usual today for couples to send them out up to 12 - 16 weeks prior to the wedding.

Should we send Save the Date?

If your Wedding is taking place during a popular holiday season it is advisable to send out Save the Date cards as soon as you can to avert double bookings (up to 6 - 12 months in advance) and then your invitations can be sent out closer to the date. Save the Date cards are also useful for overseas weddings so that guests can allow enough time to make arrangements if travelling a distance.

Can we get samples?

Yes we offer a sample service. Because of the hand made nature of our products, we do have to charge for our samples at the individual card rate but we offer a refund of the cost of up to three samples up to the value of £15 against a order. A relevant code will be issued to use at the checkout stage of your order.  Please note, samples are sent out with generic internal wording and cannot be personalised.

How long does it take to produce our invitations?

We aim to dispatch your Wedding stationery order within 4 weeks of receipt of approved proof.

What if we need our stationery in a hurry?

if you are in a hurry we offer an express service that guarantees dispatch within 7 working days of receipt of approved proof on a next day delivery service. This option can be selected from the options as you order and costs £75.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order value but many items have minimum order quantities due to the set up costs involved in the personalisation. For example there is a minimum order of 20 of each item for Invitations and order of service. This does not apply if you are topping up an order as your internal template already exists so please email us if you need to order fewer. However this will incur a further delivery charge so it is wise to order a few extra in your main order to allow for mistakes and late additions.

Do all items have to be ordered at the same time?

No, this is not necessary and items can be ordered as and when you need them. However we cannot guarantee colour continuity when ordering from different order batches. If small discrepancies might worry you an alternative approach is to order all items required at the same time so as to guarantee continuity of design and colour and we can make up all the covers together and store those not needed at the time until you have the internal information required to finish the order.

What if we don’t know the details of everything at the time of ordering?

That is fine. Usually the Order of Service and Menus etc are needed later than the invitations and reply cards so when you know the details you can send them on to us and we will complete the order.

What are your payment terms?

Because of the handmade and personalised nature of the products payment is asked for in full upon placing your order.

Do we have to choose from the designs on the website?

These are the designs available for immediate production, many of which can be adapted to suit your colour way. Alternatively, if you have an idea of your own, Claire can work with you to create a bespoke design just for you.

How do I work out how many invitations we will need for 50 guests?

You will need approximately 25 invitations as you only need to send one invite per household. It is a good idea to allow a few extra invitations in case of errors or late additions, we recommend an extra 5 – 10, and don’t forget to send one to your parents!

How many Order of Service should we allow?

Usually it would be one per guest but if you are on a tighter budget you can provide one per couple. You will also need to allow extra for the minister, choir and musicians or anyone else taking part in the ceremony.

How much can we put in our Order of Service?

It is up to you how much information you want to include. The standard price quoted on this site is for 4-5 printed pages in total including internal title page, however if you have more information than will fit into those pages we can make 8 and 12 page booklets which you can select as an option at order stage. As a rule you can usually fit the words of a couple of hymns and list the service order and readings in a standard layout. If you have more hymns than this or want to include the words of your readings then more pages are likely to be needed but we can advise you of this.

How do I let you know what we want written inside our stationery?

After placing your order we will email you your chosen wording layout for you to paste in your wedding details, names and dates. As a guideline the essential information to have ready to paste into your chosen wording format is:

Day Invitation:

Name of Hosts (Traditionally the Bride’s parents but often now the Bride and Groom)

Name of the Bride

Name of  Groom including title ( Mr/Dr/ Sir etc) 

Ceremony Location ( Venue name and address)

Full date of Wedding

Time of Ceremony

Location of wedding reception

RSVP date

RSVP address ( if an RSVP card isn’t included)


Evening Invitation:

Name of Hosts (Traditionally the Bride’s parents but often now the Bride and Groom)

Name of the Bride

Name of the Groom including title ( Mr/Dr/ Sir etc) 

Reception Location (Venue name and address)

Full date of Evening reception

Time of Evening reception

RSVP date

RSVP address ( if RSVP cards not included)

Dress code (optional)


Can you help with wording?

Yes we are happy to help. The website shows a selection of options but if you would like some additional advice do not hesitate to call us, we are always happy to help.

Can you print our own wording inside the invitations?

Yes that is not a problem providing you send it to us by email in a useable format, preferably a word document.

What if we don’t want to invite children?

If you are inviting children you should include their names on the invitation along with their parents. If you don’t include the children’s name the guests should assume the invitation is only for themselves. However it would also be wise to include a line at the bottom stating this.

Can you print our invitations in a different language?

Yes that is no problem providing you send it to us by email in a useable format, preferably a word document.

Can I choose what fonts I want to use inside my stationery?

Yes, we provide you with a list of popular fonts to compliment your invitations and you can choose up to two fonts, the latter being an 'accent' font for Bride and groom names and hosts names, or alternatively you can suggest another you prefer and we will do our best to help.

What else should we send out with our invitations?

Self-addressed RSVP cards are always advisable to send out with your invitations to encourage a speedy response. Our RSVP postcards are designed to fit inside your invitation and we can also supply a printed information card of the same size to go with it. These are useful for general information for your guest such as directions and venue information. Pocketfold invitations include both of these with the option to add a second information card if required. We have also introduced the popular information insert which is a stitched booklet that makes up the internal part of your invitation and has the invitation on the first page you open followed by up to four pages of guest information behind. This allows the guest to keep all the details together without parts getting lost. Any of these options can be selected at the point of ordering.

Are envelopes and printed inserts included in the price?

All printed inserts are included in the price and a pearlised envelope is included as standard with your stationery were relevant. You can upgrade to an embossed patterned envelope for an extra 20p for A6 envelopes were relevant.

Can you put insert the names into our inviatations ?

Yes we offer a hand writing service for your invitations, envelopes and place setting cards if you don’t want to do it yourself. The writing is of the same style as the handwritten swirly script on the front of most of our invitations which works very well to follow the theme through. Or we can print your guest names on your invitations if you would prefer.

Will we see proofs of our stationery?

Yes, once your order is placed and paid and we have received the correct internal wording for you order we will produce a full proof to send out to you. It is very important that you check the wording, spelling, dates etc carefully as once this proof is approved and signed this will be how your stationery is printed. Any errors noticed after this point cannot be changed without recharging for the invitation. If an error is noticed we will send out another amended internal sleeve to repeat the proofing process, however if after the first proof has been sent out you decide to change the wording choice (excluding errors) subsequent proofs will be charged at £1.00 each.

What do we do if we want you to print or handwrite our invitations or placecards?

Again, once your order is placed and paid for we will ask you to email your list of names, and in the case of envelopes, addresses. But, again, do double check your spellings etc as how you send the names to us is how they will appear.

Can we order additional invitations later?

That is no problem but there will be an additional delivery charge to these so it is always advisable to allow a few extra, in your initial order. However, in the event that you do need more, we can usually turn them around within two weeks, materials allowing.

How is my stationery delivered?

We send our orders by UPS on a 24 hour delivery. So once your order is ready for dispatch we will contact you to see where and when you would like it sent. The delivery will need to be signed for so it may be worth considering having it sent to an alternative address if you can’t guarantee being there.

What is the delivery charge?

There is a £7.00 delivery charge for all orders under £350 for UK mainland order. Orders over this amount are carriage paid for all UK orders. Parcels are dispatched on a next day delivery which will need to be signed for. We will contact you when your order is ready to arrange a convenient day for delivery. Please contact us for overseas orders and we will quote you for delivery and give you a voucher code to amend your order.

What happens if my wedding is cancelled?

Because of the handmade and personalized nature of our stationery, once you have taken delivery of any items we cannot accept returns unless your items are faulty. If your wedding is cancelled before you receive a stationery order we will endeavour to help you in your situation and refund any items that have not been handmade by us up to this point to the maximum of 50% of the order value.

What if I wish to cancel my order before the proofs are approved?

Because of the handmade and personalized nature of our stationery we will have to charge you a £100 set up fee and refund you the remaining value of your order.

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