Invitation Inserts and RSVP


It is usually necessary to send out various items of information with your invitations so guests can plan their arrangements. We offer seperate sheets to slip inside your chosen invitations including RSVP cards and Information cards that come in either an A6 or square format to suit your invitation size. 

Alternatively we have developed a couple of options for you to consider to keep information together, as stray sheets often go missing between receiving the invitation and the actual Wedding Day, these are:

Information Booklet Insert:

As with a standard invitation this insert enables your guest to open up their invitation and see the details of the day in front of them as normal. However, the benefit of the information insert is that it has two more pages stitched in behind to make up a booklet which can be printed on both sides giving up to 4 pages. These can then be filled with information such as venue details, directions and general information that is all attached and in one place so won't get lost before your special day. And there is still room to slip a self-addressed RSVP postcard inside the invitation to prompt your guest to make a quick response. The cost of the information insert is £1.00 for an A6 invitation or £1.20 for a square cover in addition to your invitation price and can be selected from the options on the product page when ordering your invitation. ( RSVP postcards can also be purchased on the product page if required).


Pocketfold Invitations

Many of our ranges can be ordered as a pocketfold invitation which is a popular wallet design where along with the invitation insert, a double sided information card and a self-addressed RSVP postcard are also housed inside within an internal sleeve so keeping everything together in an attractive folder. All these items are included in the price although there is an option to purchase a second information card, if more space is required, that sits neatly between the other cards to create a tiered display. You can also opt to have a line of three sparkling crystals internally, as pictured above, at the top of the invitation page if desired for that extra special finish.

Please see our different Pocketfold designs


R.S.V.P Postcards

R.S.V.P's are a great way to prompt your guests to reply to your invitation quickly,  it is a good idea to print the 'RSVP by' date on it too to stress the timescale.. You can order them in A6 or square format to suit your invitation design. We supply R.S.V.P postcards with your return address and space for a stamp printed on the reverse as we find it reduces bulk when sending your invitations out. If you would prefer a pearl envelope with your RSVP you can be order this option from the RSVP product page. We suggest several wording options to use but you may prefer your own. Menu choices can also be added if you would like that option.

RSVPs can be ordered from the options when ordering your invitation or by visiting the RSVP product page directly.


Guest Information inserts cards

Our loose double sided guest information insert sheets can be A6 or square and slip easily inside your invitation along with an R.S.V.P card if desired. They can be printed on one or both sides with information of your choice. we ask you to email the wording to us after ordering.

information cards can be ordered from the information insert product page.

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